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Iranian Human Rights Defenders Coming Out Massively in Support of the Iran Deal

By Trita Parsi. Originally published on Huffington Post. The Obama administration is clearly winning the battle over the Iran deal. Momentum is so strong in its favor that Obama may even be able to prevent a resolution rejecting the deal

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98 Prominent Hollywood Jews Back Iran Nuclear Deal in Open Letter

Cross-posted from the Hollywood Reporter. Matthew Weiner, Eli Broad, Norman Lear and Frank Gehry are among those who warn of a “tragic mistake” should Congress kill the agreement. A coalition of 98 prominent members of Los Angeles’ Jewish community —

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Diplomacy vs War: Support the Iran Deal!

The architects of the Iraq war are trying to kill the Iran deal! Call Congress today to support the Iran deal & keep the US off the path to war!

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NEW POLL: Majority of American Jews Support Iran Nuclear Deal

WASHINGTON—The majority of American Jews support the Iran nuclear deal and do so at a higher rate than Americans as a whole, according to a new poll. The poll, conducted by Jim Gerstein of GBA Strategies and released today by J

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