The Dealbreakers: Wars Don’t Start Themselves

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July 15, 2015           

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New Summer Expendables* Blockbuster Released

Washington, DC – The brave US Senators who helped start a war over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are back at it again! Only this time it’s different… a whole letter different – IraN! 

All that stands between them and another US war in the Middle East is the negotiated agreement that was announced yesterday in Vienna.  They will stop at nothing to kill that deal and put the US back on the path to war!

The trailer of this summer’s new blockbuster is available online here.  

It was released today by New Security Action, sister organization to Win Without War, as part of a national campaign that was announced yesterday.  The trailer was produced in partnership with Funny or Die.  

“Let’s be clear, a vote against this deal is a vote for war,” said Stephen Miles, Director of Operations for New Security Action. “The very same folks who brought us the Iraq War now want to kill a negotiated deal and put us on a path to war with Iran. It’s up to those who think that this is a particularly bad idea to make their voices heard.” 

The video will be distributed widely and supported with a digital advertising campaign.  Yesterday, more than 100,000 Americans urged Congress to support the Iran deal through  

*This video is a parody and has no connection to The Expendables.