Americans back diplomacy

A large majority of Americans would support a final nuclear deal with Iran

• A new ABC/Washington Post poll found that 59 percent would back a deal that lifts major economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for restricting its nuclear program to make it difficult to build a nuclear weapon.

A large majority of Americans favor negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program

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• A recent CNN poll  found that 68 percent support “direct diplomatic negotiations between the U.S. and Iran in an attempt to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.”

The CNN poll found that 77 percent of Democrats, 64 percent of Independents, and 65 percent of Republicans support talks.

• A recent Pew poll found that substantially more Americans approve of direct talks with Iran than disapprove.

• Pew found that 62 percent of Democrats and half of Independents support negotiations.

Americans DO NOT support military action against Iran

• A new CBS poll found that just 29 percent of Americans view Iran’s nuclear program as a threat that requires military action now.

• The same CBS poll found that 63 percent of Americans (51 percent of Republicans, 68 percent of Democrats, and 73 percent of Independents) said Iran’s nuclear program is a either threat that can be contained or not a threat at all.

Swing-state voters back the negotiations by a 4-to-1 margin

• Among Florida voters, 71 percent say they would prefer a negotiated settlement, compared with 18 percent who would back a military intervention.

• In Ohio, 73 percent prefer the talks while 18 percent do not.

• In Pennsylvania, 76 percent would prefer the negotiations to 15 percent who responded that they would prefer military action.

It’s crucial to note that the efforts of negotiators in working to secure an agreement are overwhelming backed by the American people. Which leaves us with a final thought:

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